“Population aging or depopulation has been persistently serious problems in Japan over years. This leads up to considerable solutions presented by the country to tackle their human resource shortage and maintain their status of an economic leader in the region.

One of the measures taken by the Japanese government is to increase international labor exchange by opening the door for young, skilled and determined personnel to work in Japan.

As engineers with years of living, studying and working in Japan, the Co-founders of Global Engineer understand the country wants qualified labors. You might think it is difficult and struggling to start your new journeys in Japan. However, we see challenges as opportunities for thousands of young Vietnamese engineers.

Global Engineer was established with the desire to becoming a helping bridge to actualize Vietnamese engineers’ dreams. With Global Engineer, our candidates can have direct access to recruitment information in Japan, directly show the employers that they are ready to participate in one of the most tough labor market in the world.

More than 5 years of operation, we are constantly completing ourselves to firm the international personnel bridge for the belief in the talented young generation of Vietnam and for the values that the engineer community from Vietnam has been contributing to the country.”

– Nguyen Ha Linh – Founder of Global Engineer.