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Hotel chain

Famous hotel chains in Tokyo

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Hotel chain

Onsen in Tochigi Prefecture

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Digital agency

A Digital Agency

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Industry: Automotive


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Chart 1: Analysis of destinations of Vietnamese workers abroad (2018)

Japan gradually become more attractive to Vietnamese workers in the period of 2009-2019

According to data from the Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply, the total employees going to Japan to work soared from 4,959 in 2009 to 68,737 in 2019. Japan rose to No. 1 as a country that has the largest number ...


Global Engineer candidate receives 5-year engineer visa

Global Engineer candidate receives 5-year engineer visa

Let Global Engineer tell you an inspiring story of a young engineer who has pursued his dream and created his own opportunities. Dinh Gia Duy, Global Engineer candidate, a former student of Automation faculty, Hanoi University of Technology, has received ...


Trần Tuấn - Kỹ sư cơ khí

I joined Global Engineer when my Japanese was so poor and I had never experienced any job interview before. However, with the encouragement and enthusiastic support of the company, I decided to take my chance with a job interview here and was incredibly lucky to pass right the 1st time. Thanks to the company, my path to Japan become that quick and easy.

Tuan Tran

Mechanical Engineer

Nguyễn Quế Tâm Anh

After more than 2 months waiting for COE results, I applied for Visa and flew to Japan about a month later. Because we are foreigners, everyone in the company helps me a lot. All the terms of the contract with the employer company were implemented properly. So if you want to go to work in Japan, you have to figure out information carefully, then decide later.

Nguyen Que Tam Anh

Hotel Receptionist

Hồng Hoa

Right after I graduated from university, I really wanted to work in Japan. Then, I accidentally read the Job recruitment from Global Engineer. I was consulted enthusiastically and fully given all information on procedures. COE Application time was quite fast. Almost all of the procedures were supported by G.E staff. After coming to Japan, the employer company also supported me a lot.

Hong Hoa

Hotel Receptionist

Bùi Duy Cường - Kỹ sư công nghệ kỹ thuật

Before coming to Global Engineer, my friends and I had gone to quite a lot of job interviews but I couldn’t pass any of them. I felt frustrated so I decided to stop to focus on improving my Japanese. Then, I accidentally knew that Global Engineer introduced jobs for free and provided their candidates with skills to perform well in the interview so I joined right away. Finally, I passed the first job interview at Global Engineer. That was so great!

Bui Duy Cuong

Technical engineer