[Tokutei-DD170334] Nursing care staff in Fukushima

Nursing care staff


1. Headquarter: Fukushima
2. Number of employees: ~100
3. Company has established and run for more than 30 years


Type of recruitment Specified skilled worker
Position Nursing care staff
Location Iwaki, Fukushima
Number of recruited employee 6
Job descriptions  Indirect long-term care for the first 2 years (support without having to touch the patient)

Clean the room

Wash clothes

Prepare meals …

By the third year, you will begin to do the care work directly and be recognized as a full time employee.

Probation None
Annual income First year: From 2,22 million yen (850 yen/hour)
Second year: 2,81 million yen (1000 yen/hour)
Third year: 3,56 million yen
(Bonus and allowances included)
Starting salary Basic salary 149,600 yen (22 days)
Working hour 8:30 – 17:30 (60 minutes for break time)
7:00 – 16:00 (60 minutes for break time)
10:00 – 19:00 (60 minutes for break time)
Pay rise Once a year in April
Bonus Bonus 4 months salary/year (paid in July and December)
Holidays  105 days off/year
2 days off/week
Paid leave of 10 days/year is paid after 6 months of employment
Requirements Requirements Japanese: Equivalent to N3
Having Kaigo Certificate
Benefits and allowances


Insurance Social insurance, pension, employment insurance, etc. 
Allowances ・ The company pays for half of the rent, up to 19,000 yen (The apartment is about 2 km from the hospital)

・ Treatment improvement allowance ¥ 140,000/year (to be paid in September and March)

・ Professional allowance 5,000 yen/month

・ Business allowance (10,000 yen/month)

・ Night shift allowance: 9,000 yen/shift

Note: Professional allowance, business allowance, night shift allowance are for official employees only


Recruitment process: Filling in the registration form → Online interview

Please contact Global Engineer via hotline 0961 275 006 or fill in the form below to find out more details.

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