[Tokutei-KT100347] Recruiting lathe operator (Male) in Tochigi

Recruiting lathe operator in Tochigi


1 Type of recruitment Specified skilled worker
2 Office address Kanuma, Tochigi
3 Position Lathe operator
4 Monthly income 203.452 yen
(Monthly salary: 157.852 yen + 45.600 yen for working overtime)
5 Housing 25.000 yen/month
6 Number of recruited employees 3 (male only)
7 Job descriptions Control lathes
8 Working hour 8:00 – 17:00 (break time: 1.25 hour)
9 Overtime Average 40 hours/month
10 Holidays ~97 days/year
11 Requirements ・Finished 3 years of internship in any field, having experience in mechanical testing is a priority.
・Japanese: Equivalent to N3
・Looking forward to developing engineering for mechanics and lathes
・No Tokutei certificate is required, it can be added later
12 Insurance Medical insurance, pension, employment insurance, etc.
13 Recruitment process Registration form → Pre-interview → Company interview → Job offer letter → Visa application, etc. → Onboarding

Please contact Global Engineer via hotline 0961 275 006 or fill in the form below to find out more details.

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