Tokutei Kaigo practice interview package

Tokutei Kaigo practice interview package

After finding your suitable jobs, our Tokutei Kaigo candidates will have their missions to pass the interviews to be successfully rewarded with offer letters.

Before the interviews with your employers, candidates of Global Engineer will be joining our practice interviews. They will be having their mock interviews with our Japanese staff, answering commonly met questions in the interviews, receiving feedback to improve their Japanese as well as the answer contents,…

Accompanying our candidates throughout their preparations, Global Engineer has synthesized some mostly asked questions in the below table. We hope these will help you win your offer letters in the most effective and quickest ways.

Tokutei Kaigo practice interview package

必須質問 (Compulsory questions)

NO 質問 ポイント
1 簡単に自己紹介をしてください

Please introduce yourself

1 分以内を意識(まとまりなく⾧々と話さない)
Please only introduce yourself within 1 minute length (Avoid lengthy or inconsistent answers)
Provide your breakthrough points
2 なぜ日本に来たのですか(来日理由)

Why do you choose Japan (reason for going to Japan)

Asked about the reasons, motivations to choose your current jobs
– If the reasons are superficial, that will be your minus points
3 あなたの強みと弱みを教えてください

Please tell us about your strength

Reasons for your applied positions (meaning you are the suitable candidates and possessing the wanted skills)
4 介護の仕事したい理由?

Reasons you want to work in Kaigo industry

Certain acknowledgement of this field
Not to mention salary or visa matters
5 介護の仕事はどんな仕事かわかりますか?

Please provide your understanding of kaigo job?

Please highlight the questions “why don’t you choose other companies”
Provide firm connection between your target/experience with the company business lines
6 どのくらい日本で働きたいですか?

How long do you want to work in Japan?

Please highlight that you would like to work in Japan for a long term (example: I will plan to return home after… years)
7 何か質問はありますか?(逆質問)

Do you have any questions for us?

Please provide answers to see your strong desire
・求人票や企業 HP を見ても分かることは質問しない
Please do not ask the questions you can seek the answers by looking up on the companies’ websites
Please think about the matter of “What would you like to know if you start working at the company from tomorrow?”

頻出質問 (Commonly asked questions)

NO 質問 ポイント
1 前職ではどのような仕事をしていたのか?

Please describe your previous jobs?

The suitability between “requested skills, work scope” and your own experiences.
2 介護の仕事のイメージはどうですか?

How do you imagine the kaigo job?

Convey a clear imagine of kaigo tasks
3 その職種をなぜ選んだのですか?

Why do you choose this job?

Convey the meaningful purpose of kaigo jobs
4 日本語の筆記はどうですか?

How is your Japanese?

From your previous experience, please describe your Japanese ability, from your studying time to practicing your Japanese…
5 入社可能時期はいつですか?

When can you start this job?

Please confirm your starting time
6 入社したらどのような仕事をしたいですか?

What kind of jobs would you like to do when joining our company?

– Please explain based on your wanted duties when you apply to this position.
7 他に受けている会社はありますか?

Are there any other companies you are applying for?

You do not need to be 100% honest, however, if there are any, please explain that other companies are providing similar job descriptions to the company you are having an interview with


We wish you all the best with your interview!