Japan gradually become more attractive to Vietnamese workers in the period of 2009-2019

Chart 1: Analysis of destinations of Vietnamese workers abroad (2018)

According to data from the Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply, the total employees going to Japan to work soared from 4,959 in 2009 to 68,737 in 2019. Japan rose to No. 1 as a country that has the largest number of Vietnamese employees.

Vietnamese workers in Japan work in the following programs:

– Technical trainee: Receive unskilled foreign labor to work in Japan for a maximum period of 5 years.

– Nurses: Receive nurses under Vietnam-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (VJEPA). Vietnam-Japan economic partnership agreement has been implemented since 2012.

– High-quality workers (Engineers): Receive employees graduated from colleges, universities and have Japanese level equivalent to JLPT N3 or higher. Workers working in Japan as Engineers will have the highest salary level compared to other programs and enjoy the same working regimes as native speakers.

Only in October 2019, the total of Vietnamese workers going to work abroad is 13,415 including: 8,327 employees (Japan), 4,216 employees (Taiwan), 647 employees (South Korea). This data from the Department of Overseas Labor has affirmed the attractiveness of this potential market.

Chart 1: Analysis of destinations of Vietnamese workers abroad (2018)
Chart 1: Analysis of destinations of Vietnamese workers abroad (2018)

Source: Department of Overseas Labor, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs

So what is the reason why a large number of qualified Vietnamese workers choose to work in Japan?

Labor demand of Japan is huge

The fact that Japanese population is in the aging stage.Therefore, Foreign personnel recruitment is one of the solutions to overcome the shortage of young human resources. Recruiting workers from abroad to work with attractive welfare is what Japanese government encourages their domestic businesses to do to ensure the stable growth of the economy.

Salary in Japan is higher than in other markets

Compared to salary that foreign workers get from other markets in the region such as Korea, Taiwan or Malaysia, Japan is always a more attractive market. According to data from CareerBuilder, a recruitment website, the average income of foreign workers in Japan is 32 million VND/month, South Korea is 25 million VND/month, Taiwan from 18-20 million VND/month, Malaysia from 8 -12 million/month. Especially, foreign engineer, technician working in Japan get the same salary welfare as the native’s (from 40 million VND or more).

Chart 2: Change in the number of foreigners residing in Japan (top 5 countries by nationality)
Chart 2: Change in the number of foreigners residing in Japan (top 5 countries by nationality)

Source: Immigration Department (preliminary data to the end of June 2019)

Chance to improve profession, stepping-stone for future career

Working in Japan with the major that you have been trained is a clear opportunity to learn, improve skills to develop your career later. When returning to home country, the opportunities for high-paid jobs are also wider. Your Japanese language will also be improved, along with your experience working in the country. According to the latest survey of Vietnamworks, the average salary in Vietnam for fresh graduate engineers in construction is the highest in all industries, reaching 7.5 million VND. For personnel with foreign language skills, the salary can be over 10 million.

Civilized and modern working environment, good security

According to Henley & Partners, a worldwide well-known investment and settlement consulting firm, Japan is the best country to live in Asia. Japanese people are very polite in their way of communicating, always solve problems in a peaceful way and respect others. Most Vietnamese engineers working in Japanese companies feel satisfied with the working environment and appreciate the help of their colleagues.So how to go to Japan? In case you have been trained in colleges, universities, then you should go to Japan as an Engineer, because:

Long-term employment contract

While visa for foreign trainees working in Japan has an average period of 1-3 years, the visa period for engineers can depend on the ability, interest and the job you undertake, the maximum validity period of this visa is 5 years and engineers can extend their visa for many times. In other words, with Engineer visa, your stay in Japan is unlimited. In addition, you can bring your family to Japan to live with.

Chart 3: Analysis of Vietnam visa status in Japan (by the end of June 2019)
Chart 3: Analysis of Vietnam visa status in Japan (by the end of June 2019)

Source: Immigration Department (preliminary data by the end of June 2019)

Participation costs are low

Compared with the Japanese technical intern trainee program, the cost of Engineer one is much lower, on average, about 1,500 – 4,000 USD or may be higher in some other companies because they also needs to balance business costs, seek customers that often spend a large sum of money.

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