[KT200426] Construction Management Engineer – Recruitment in Japan (Closed)

[KT200426] Construction Management Engineer

I.COMPANY INFORMATION Headquarter: Osaka Number of employees: 106 Year of establishment: The company has been operating for 97 years Business areas: Machine installation (Train, windmill, etc) Civil engineering business Domestic Foreign shipping business  II. JOB DESCRIPTIONS 1 Number of recruitment 2 staff 2 Work location Osaka, Japan 3 Job vacancy Construction Management Engineer 4 Job […]

[KT060421] Construction Unit Management Engineer (Applicants in Japan only) (Closed)

[KT060421] Construction Unit Management Engineer

I.COMPANY INFORMATION 1. Headquarter: Niigata 2. Number of employees: 151 3. Year of establishment: The company has been operating for 70 years 4. Business areas: Design air conditioner and hygiene equipment Design and manufacture steel materials and steel frames Manufacture, design and construct architectural units The company is a certified steel supply, SSUT construction certificate […]

[KT240320] Construction Management Engineer – Interview in Japan (Closed)

[KT240320] Kỹ sư quản lý thi công - Chỉ tuyển ứng viên tại Nhật

I. COMPANY INFORMATION 1. Head office: Kanagawa 2. Number of employees: 33 3. Business Area: Architecture/ Construction/ Building/ Installation/ Revitalizing/ Public Infrastructure/ Maintenance 4. Establishment: The company has been established and put into operation over 45 years II. JOB DESCRIPTION NO. CATEGORY DESCRIPTION 1 Number of recruitment 1-5 people 2 Work Location At the company […]