[KT060421] Construction Unit Management Engineer (Applicants in Japan only) (Closed)

[KT060421] Construction Unit Management Engineer


1. Headquarter: Niigata

2. Number of employees: 151

3. Year of establishment: The company has been operating for 70 years

4. Business areas:

  • Design air conditioner and hygiene equipment
  • Design and manufacture steel materials and steel frames
  • Manufacture, design and construct architectural units

The company is a certified steel supply, SSUT construction certificate


1 Number of recruitment 2 staff
2 Work location Head office and Project Unit (both in Niigata)
3 Job vacancy Construction Unit Management and Equipment Management Engineer
4 Job Description Assigned the construction management of the following responsibilities:

– Construction and construction progress management

– Budget management, ordering materials, selecting contractors

– Safety management, human resource management, quality management, process management

Belongs to the following parts:

– Project unit department

Division handling units such as hotels, condominiums

– Project equipment department

Parts handling air conditioning and sanitary equipment of commercial facilities and large-scale facilities.

5 Academic background University Graduate of Civil Engineering
6 Gender Male/ Female
7 Age 22 – 30
8 Japanese Equivalent to N3 and above; communicative English
9 Monthly Salary 200,000 – 230,000 yen

Full salary is awarded during probation

10 Probation period 3 months
11 Bonus Twice per year. (1-2 months per year)
12 Salary Increase Once a year
13 Transportation Limited allowance (up to 15,000 yen)
14 Special Note ・ There is a severance allowance ※ for more than 3 consecutive years

・ Lending uniforms, support diplomas

15 Working time 08h00 – 17h00 (1.5 hour lunch break)
16 Overtime The average overtime is 10 hours per month.
17 Holiday 2 days off per week

※ April – December: Sundays and Saturdays off every second and fourth week

※ January – March: Sundays and Saturdays off

※ Holidays

Number of holiday in the year: 103 days

Paid leave: 10 days

Summer vacation; Tet holiday


Expected Interview date: Early May

Please contact Global Engineer at hotline 0961 275 006 or fill out the form below for more information.

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