[KT040527] Water supply and Sewerage system design engineer (Closed)

Water supply and Sewerage system design engineer


  1. Headquarter: Tochigi
  2. Business areas: Surveying, designing water and sewage pipes, consulting public works
  3. Number of employees: 19

Water supply and Sewerage system design engineer


1 Number of recruitment 2 staff
2 Work location Tochigi, Japan

90% of working time is in the office. It is also necessary to visit the sites to measure and inspect for the drawings. However, they are all in Tochigi Prefecture, so you rarely have business trips.

3 Job title Water Supply and Sewerage System Design Engineer
4 Job Description Civil engineering, design associated with public works. Make drawings of water and sewage pipes using CAD and calculate quantities using Excel. Design based on plans, profiles, sections created by surveys.

Candidates are good at Japanese both reading and writing skills in order to attend meetings with the person in charge when designing structure of drawings.

5 Academic background University Graduate of Civil Engineering/Architecture
6 Japanese Equivalent to N3 and above
7 Required Experience Experience in designing water pipes and drainage systems
8 Monthly Salary 250.00 yen – 300.000 yen
9 Prefer Candidates possess certificates such as technician certificate, technical assistants certificate, RCCM certificates, investigators, survey assistants.

People who work hard and actively.

10 Accommodation Employees find accommodation themselves and the company pays 10,000 yen/month
11 Bonus Twice per year. 
12 Salary Increase Once a year 
13 Allowance  5,000 yen Full-time allowance 
14 Overtime 20 hours monthly on average
15 Probation 3 months, 100% salary paid during probation
16 Working hours 8:30 ~ 17:30

1 hour break

17 Holiday 120 days/year

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays according to the Japanese calendar. 

18 Insurance Health insurance


Unemployment insurance

Labor accident insurance


Interview date: Closed

Please contact Global Engineer at hotline 0961 275 006 or fill out the form below for more information.

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