[KT171139] Mechanical production manager working in Hyogo

Job in Japan - 2


1. Head office: Hyogo
2. The company has been established and in operation for more than 50 years
3. Business line: Manufacturing and trading all kinds of food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical machinery, pressure tanks…


1 Position Mechanical production manager
2 Job descriptions *Work Outline: Stainless steel tank production process control, material arrangement, acceptance test, quality inspection, quality maintenance, work improvement, preparation related documents, etc.


・ Check the drawing and arrange the required materials

・ Order from supplier is required

・ Production requirements for each part

3 Essential skills ・Be able read drawings (drawings in 3D)
・Mechanical production management experience (1 year or above)
4 Requirements ・At least 1 year of experience
・Japanese: N3 or above
5 Form of recruitment Full-time employee
6 Probation 3 months (Salary and job descriptions remain unchanged)
7 Remuneration ・ Annual income of the first year: 281.5 man~308 man
・ Starting salary: 189.870 yen
・ Overtime allowance: 27,000 yen/18 hours
・ Pay rise: twice a year
・ Bonus: twice a year
8 Working hours 8:00-17:00
9 Holidays Paid leaves/Year-end and New year holidays/Summer holiday/Saturdays, Sunday and public holidays

*115 days off per year
*Work on Saturday in busy period (according to internal schedule)

10 Allowance Family allowance: Spouse 15.000 yen, children 10.000 yen
11 Transportation allowance Full payment/up to 54.000 yen
12 Benefits Fully provided with social insurance, private car/motorbike, dormitory/company house, support to improve qualifications

・Uniform hiring
<For dorm>
・ Dorm fee 30,000 yen/month (including electricity, water, gas and internet)

・ 5 minute walk from the office

・ Toilet, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room

13 Work location Hyogo


Type of interview: Online
Number of rounds: 1

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