[KT261216] Water and air conditioning engineers in Shizuoka (Closed)

Water and air conditioning engineers in Shizuoka


1. Head Office: Shizuoka
2. Capital stock: 20 million yen
3. No. of employees: 50

Water and air conditioning engineers in Shizuoka


1 Employed persons 2 – 3
2 Work location Kuzawa, Kawanari Shinmachi, Obuchi each sales office
The site is mainly in Shizuoka Prefecture (mainly Fuji and Numazu City)
3 Employment status Employee
4 Job Description The Company has conducted Plumbing construction and HVAC work, a variety of construction projects, such as public sewer laying work. In the plumbing work, we make the best proposal on the application and facilities content, has performed consistently to maintenance in-house from the construction. In the HVAC work, to guide you through the equipment that is suitable for use and facilities, of course, offers an environment so comfortable and energy-saving. In the public sewage laying works rushed to the original customers anywhere outside the prefecture, Shizuoka, on top of each other edge of the drainage system responsible engineer, he has conducted the construction work. The company involved in a variety of business to develop the infrastructure, we deliver peace of mind to our customers.

Gender Not required
Hope age 22 〜 35 years old
Education level University education
Word science: Japanese Daily conversation
Required – Four-year graduation in electrical engineering, civil engineering and architecture faculties of the University and graduated from prospective
– Japanese level N3 direction which can perform everyday conversation
Hope – If you want to stay for more than five years in Japan
– If you want to learn Japanese technology
– Actively towards the type to take a communication
6 Monthly salary 200.000 yen
7 Trial period 3 months same (Yen if not the same)
Including fixed overtime a month time.
Working hours
Ordinary 7:50 to 17:00
Overtime Monthly average: 20 ~ 30 hours
Overtime pay rates: 1.25
9 Salary raise Once a year 2000 yen or more
10 Bonus Each twice a year 1.5 month position
Fluctuation due to the growth of performance and personal
11 Transport expenses Maximum Amount of Payment (up to 8000Yen)
※ If the driver’s license commute
12 Dormitory Month 20,000 yen
The basic furniture and home appliances
Wi-fi equipped
13 Insurance-related Social Insurance equipped


Hotline: 0961 275 006

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