[Tokutei-DD220336] Nursing care staff in Kumamoto

Nursing care staff

I. EMPLOYER INFORMATION 1. Headquarter: Kumamoto Prefecture 2. Number of staff: ~250 staff 3. Company has established and run for nearly 70 years II. RECRUITMENT INFORMATION (Recruiting in Japan) Descriptions Type of recruitment Specified skilled worker Position Nursing care staff Location Kamimashiki, Kumamoto Prefecture Number of recruitment 2 staff Job descriptions Assist the patients in […]

[KT261036] Construction manager of earthen floor reinforcement (Closed)

Job in Japan - 2

I. COMPANY’S OPERATION 1. Headquarters: Kumamoto Prefecture 2. The company has been established and in operation for more than 50 years II. RECRUITMENT INFORMATION 1 Position Manage the construction of Earthen floor reinforcement * New graduate 2 Job descriptions Participate in managing construction of earthen floor reinforcement, mainly for the projects in Kyushu. In details: […]