[KT261036] Construction manager of earthen floor reinforcement (Closed)

Job in Japan - 2


1. Headquarters: Kumamoto Prefecture
2. The company has been established and in operation for more than 50 years


1 Position Manage the construction of Earthen floor reinforcement * New graduate
2 Job descriptions Participate in managing construction of earthen floor reinforcement, mainly for the projects in Kyushu. In details:

· Reinforce the earthen floor for individual houses (manicuring using wood)
→ You will be in charge of actual work at the site .

· Prepare for work report after work

Requirement · Bachelor degree or above in architecture, civil engineering

· Japanese N3

· English is not required

· Wish to work long-term in Japan

Plus: Candidates who have a driving license

4 Form of recruitment Full-time employee
5 Probation 3 months (Salary and job descriptions remain unchanged)
6 Benefits
  • Annual income (first year): 2.5 million yen – 2.8 million yen
  • Starting salary: 185,100 yen / month (including 43,100 yen / 42 hours of fixed overtime)
  • Pay rise: once per year
  • Bonus: twice per year
7 Working hours 8:00-16:35 (Actual working hours: 7.42 hours)
Break time: 70 minutes
8 Holidays Paid leaves/Summer vacation/New year and year end holidays/Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
9 Allowance Area allowance: Only for Fukuoka branch, 8000 yen per month
10 Travel allowance Partial payment (up to  200 yen per day)
11 Benefits
  • Full social insurance, support to improve qualifications
  • Provide Cellphone (smartphone)
  • Travel once a year
12 Work location To be assigned to an office in Kumamoto or Saga Prefecture.
Before that, you will be trained at Kumamoto Headquarter for about 3 months.* The place of work will be decided during the interview.


Type of interview: Online
Number of rounds: 1
Interview schedule: 06/11/2020

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