Global Engineer candidate receives 5-year engineer visa

Global Engineer candidate receives 5-year engineer visa

Let Global Engineer tell you an inspiring story of a young engineer who has pursued his dream and created his own opportunities. Dinh Gia Duy, Global Engineer candidate, a former student of Automation faculty, Hanoi University of Technology, has received a 5-year engineer visa in Japan.

Global Engineer candidate receives 5-year engineer visa

Why is this Engineer visa of Global Engineer valid for 5 years?

This is one of the advantages that Japan offers to offset the shortage of young domestic human resources by attracting high quality foreign human resources. Therefore, if you graduate from a university and major in engineering, if you want to work for a long time in Japan, you will have many advantages.

Unlike manual workers’ visas such as Technical intern, people who are subject to “highly qualified human resources” have chance to be granted visa for a period of 5 years and are allowed to extend their visas, depending on the circumstances. When reviewing this kind of visa, the following factors should be considered: qualifications, age, working experience in the field of expertise, certification and Japanese skills.

Normally, young Vietnamese engineers working in Japan can sponsor their relatives to live in Japan. In addition, you can work in businesses with high salary, good environment, and many opportunities for promotion in the future.

So, do not hesitate to apply for jobs in Japan.

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