[KT091033] Design and planning staff – Applicant in Vietnam (Closed)

Job in Japan - 2


– Surveying, measuring or checking soil quality, investigating fire prevention and fighting

– Designing, planning for road construction, buildings. Surveying, assisting in obtaining construction permits or troubleshooting (such as earthquakes, floods)

– Data processing related to geodetic activities

– Drone (UAV laser survey, UAV image survey, UAV photo and video recording, disaster prevention activities).


1 Vacancy Design and planning staff
2 Description Design and execute public construction, sewage lines, clean water, roads. The work involves river drains and outsourcing from large companies such as drawing design drawings, applying for design permits.
3 Requirements Experienced in design, construction. does not require number of years

Welcoming conditions: Possess design certificates

4 Preference • People who want to learn

• Hard-working, honest and persistent at work

• Abe to work in a team

5 Japanese JLPT N3 or higher, Japanese is used quite regularly on site
6 Work location Fukushima
7 Benefits • First year salary: over 300 man.

• Monthly salary: 22 man.

• Salary increase: once a year.

• Bonus: 2 times/year for a total of 3 month salary for these 2 times.

• Probation: 3 months, salary unchanged during probation.

8 Working hour 8h – 17h30
123 days off/year
9 Other support Allowance for staff possessing technical; certificates.
petro allowance


Interview method: Online
1 or 2 interviews

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