SAP Engineer working in Vietnam (Onsite in Japan in 1-2 months)

Job in Japan - 2


1. Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan
2. Establishment: The company has been established and in operation for over 15 years
3. Chartered capital: 45 million yen
4. The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange


1 Reason for recruitment Recruit for office set up for a big production group which is the client of the company
2 Job descriptions Build/operate/maintain the SAP system – Define the requirements, design/develop the system for production industry
3 Number of recruitment A team of 5 staff: 1 leader, 4 members
4 Requirements · Age: 20 – 30

· Japanese N2 or N3

· Develop SAP AMS or ABAP from 5 to 10 years

5 Experience (Must) · Leader: Japanese N3 or above, 3-5 years of  experience developing ABAP in SAP or equivalent skills.

· Members: Experience in SAP, Japanese N4

6 Work location Plan to open the office in Ho Chi Minh city. However, when you are recruited, you will work in Vsip II Industrial Zone in Binh Duong and move to the Ho Chi Minh City when the office is ready to use. The team members will work onsite in Osaka from 1 to 2 months.
7 Benefits · Salary: Leader: ~3,000 USD; Members: 1,000 USD ~ 1,500 USD

· Overtime allowance

· Insurance is paid as prescribed

8 Working hours 8h – 17h from Monday to Friday


Number of rounds: 2. The first round is conducted via Skype.

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